Guidance Department

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    The goal of the Counseling Department at Valley Forge High School is to meet the individual needs of every student - academic, college and career, social and emotional. Counselors support students, parents and staff as they develop trusting relationships throughout high school by acting as advocates and liaisons. Communication between students, parents and staff is a critical component to ensure positive high school experiences and appropriate college/career planning for all students.

    We encourage students to stop by with questions, concerns, problems or just to say hi and let us get to know them. We hope to empower all students to achieve their educational goals, to direct their lives in a positive manner, and become productive and healthy members of society. We hope you have a great school year and look forward to seeing you!

    Valley Forge Guidance Department
    Kristen Tsangeos
    8th - 12th (A-E)
    Phone: 440-885-8426
    Christine Gigliotti           
    8th - 12 th (F-L) 
    Phone: 440-885-8417
    Kathi Zacharias
    8th - 12th (M-RO)
    Phone: 440-885-8406
    Dawn Tabaj 
    8th-12th (RU-Z)
    Phone: 440-885-8419
    Jasmine Manista-Fisher
    Phone: 440-885-2448
    Jaclyn Vorreiter
    Phone: 440-885-8798