Web Design/Graphic Design/Computer Life Skills


    Me and my daughter Ashley

    Above with my daughter Ashley.

    Mr. Wennerstrom welcomes you to his webpage.

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    This year, I teach Information Technology, Multimedia,

    Visual Programming and Web Design 

    Hour of Code 

    Please take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work, determination, and

    extraordinary display of talent from my computer students.


    Web Design Students

    Web Design Students completed an HTML website project.  Students created 4 webpages encompassing bundles of HTML and CSS code. Complete with navigation links between pages, external links, images, tables, unordered lists, ordered lists, background colors, hex codes, Youtube videos, font decorations, and much much more!  

    Above Ed, Brady, and William are proud of their hard work!


    Computer App Students

    Computer Information Technology Students working

    hard and having fun on a Cyberbullying project!

    Cyberbullying Stop It!

    Go Mark, Phillip, and Dominic!


    Below Logan showcasing the class Bullying Projects!

    Computer Application Students used celebrity quotes on bullying to create a eye popping poster done with special effects, text boxes, and much more! 

    Students are also engrossed in a Cyberbullying Project which focuses on recognizing, preventing, and reporting cyberbullying. 

    Additionally, students are learning the ins and outs of Spreadsheets, Graph/Charts, and Word Processing.  These real life and academic skills will be utilized for the rest of their academic career and certainly well beyond regardless of their occupation. 

    Bullying Project

    Below Web Design Projects

    Web Design

    Above Web Design Final Projects.


    Some of these kids are ready for the big leagues!

    Redmen R's

    Above Mikky and Alaah in front of the Redmen R's!

    Hard at Work

    Above Harry and friends hard at work.

     In my classes we work hard but

    always enjoy the process while taking pride in our work.