Frequently Asked Questions

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    Pleasantview Day Care Center

    7700 Malibu Drive

    Parma, Ohio  44130

    P: (440) 885-2409

    F: (440) 842-9832


    Dana Johnson, Director





    Who are we?

    The Parma City Schools Childcare Center is a tuition-based program sponsored by the Parma Board of Education. Registration will be accepted on a space available basis.


    Is this a developmentally appropriate program?

    We run a developmentally appropriate program using developmentally appropriate materials and activities designed to provide learning experiences in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.  In addition to providing children with a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, the Program is structured to provide the guidance necessary to assist each child in developing:

    • Independence, creativity, self-reliance, and self-control,
    • Freedom to use and experiment with equipment and materials designed for each child’s developmental needs,
    • Social relationships such as sharing, respecting rights and properties of others,
    • Awareness and curiosity about themselves, their family, and their relationship in the world through planned activities and experiences,
    • An appreciation of self and others,
    • Respect for adult relationships outside the immediate family,
    • A variety of experiences in art, music, science, literature, math, socio-dramatic play, block building and sand and water play as appropriate for each child’s developmental progress,
    • A growing vocabulary,
    • Satisfactory and acceptable ways to cope with fears, angers, and anxieties,
    • Increased motor coordination of large and small muscles.


    How do I register?

    To register a child in the Day Care Program, the parent must complete a Day Care Registration Form and submit a $35 per child or $45 per family non-refundable registration fee plus a non-refundable tuition deposit equal to one FULL week tuition rate to Dana Johnson, Childcare Coordinator. (Credits for part-time or sibling discounts will be credited to your account.)  Check or money order should be payable to Parma City Schools Childcare Center. The registration fee and tuition deposit and the completed Enrollment Packet must be returned to the Day Care annually BEFORE a child can start.


    Is there a family discount plan?

    Discounts apply only to children that attend the Day Care on a full-time basis (full day/full week). This will represent a 10% savings for the second and third child enrolled in the Program. Parent will pay full price for the youngest child enrolled.


    Am I charged for days my child does not attend?

    Fees will be charged for each day the child is scheduled to attend whether the child is at the Center or not.


    What happens on calamity days?

    The Day Care Center will be closed and you will be charged for any unanticipated school closing due to snow days, plumbing problems, etc. This is in accordance with the school district policy.


    What happens on school holidays/school recesses?

    The Day Care Center is closed during school holidays and school recesses. During a week when less than five days of school are scheduled, and the student attends the Center on a full day/full week basis, the following schedule will be used for calculating payment: the weekly rate divided by five (5) days per week equals the daily rate.


    Can I reserve a spot for my child?

    When a parent requests a spot to be reserved for a child (or unborn child), until parent returns to work from maternity leave, begins a new job, or whatever the circumstance may be, they may be required to pay the registration fee, one-week’s tuition and one-half of the weekly tuition thereafter to secure the spot.


    Can my child bring toys from home?

    Please do not bring food or toys/small objects from home into the Center. Caregivers are instructed to return such items to the parent/guardian or put them into the child’s cubby. They will not be allowed to have them at the Center. The Center cannot be responsible for any items brought from home that are lost or damaged.