Frequently Asked Questions

  • Welcome to the Pleasantview Child Care Center, a tuition-based child care and preschool program, sponsored by the Parma City School District.

    What can we expect from this program?
    The Pleasantview Child Care Center provides families a safe and supportive learning environment with developmentally appropriate materials and activities designed to provide foundational experiences in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. In addition to providing children with a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, the program is structured to assist each child in developing a variety of experiences through art, music, science, literature, math, socio-dramatic

    Is there a family discount plan?
    Discounts apply only to children that attend the Pleasantview Child Care Center on a full-time basis (full day/full week). This will represent a 10% savings for the second and third child enrolled in the program. Families will pay full price for the youngest child enrolled.

    Am I charged for days my child does not attend?
    Fees will be charged for each day the child is contracted to attend the Pleasantview Child Care Center.

    What happens on calamity days?
    The Pleasantview Child Care Center will be closed and you will be charged for any unanticipated school closings or calamity days (snow days), in accordance with Parma City School District Board policy.

    What happens on school holidays/school breaks?
    The Pleasantview Child Care Center is closed during school holidays and school breaks. During a week when less than five days of school are scheduled, and the student attends on a full day/full week basis, the following schedule will be used for calculating payment: the weekly rate divided by five (5) days per week equals the daily rate.

    Can my child bring toys from home?
    No. We kindly ask that all toys remain at home unless otherwise communicated by a teacher or program administrator.