Tuition Payments

  • Contracted Scheduled Days of Attendance

    The parent/guardian must indicate on the Child Care Service Agreement the scheduled days and times that services will be needed.  Once the form has been completed and submitted to the Early Childhood Coordinator, this becomes the contracted scheduled days of attendance.


    We are not a drop-in Center. The contracted scheduled days of attendance CANNOT BE SWITCHED ON A TEMPORARY BASIS. Should contracted scheduled days of attendance need to be permanently changed, a conference with the Early Childhood Coordinator is required and a new Child Care Service Agreement Form must be completed.


    Fees will be charged for each day that a child is scheduled to attend the Center through and including the last day of service. Parents should call the Center if their child will be absent.


    Tuition Payments



    Tuition Rates are Subject to Change


    Full Day/Full Week (4-5 days, 7 am – 5pm)

    (1 Child)




    Ages 6 weeks to 18 months      $210.00/week

    Ages 18 months to 36 Months  $195.00/week



    Ages 3 years to 5 years            $175.00/week


    Full Day/Less than 4 days per week (7 am – 5pm)

    (1 Child)




    Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

                                1-3 days         $160.00/week

    Ages 18 months to 36 months
                                1-3 days         $145/week 




    Ages 3 years to 5 years

                                1-3 days         $133.00/week


    Half Day Extended Preschool available from 7 am – 12:30 pm for ages 3 years – 5 years

    (1 Child)



                                4-5 days      $87.50/week

                                1-3 days      $66.50/week


    Tuition payments are due in advance of services and are no longer accepted at the Child Care Center. Payments may be made by credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, or DISCOVER) by calling the Children's Services Office at 440-885-2484.


     Children returning to the Center at the start of a new school year will be charged for all contracted scheduled days of attendance, starting on the first day the Center opens until the last day of service at the end of the school year.  New children enrolled will be charged from the first scheduled day of attendance.


    Tuition accounts are managed at the Children’s Services Office at Parma Schools Administration Office.  Please call 440-885-2484 if you have any questions regarding your tuition account.  Checks can be left at the Center or mailed directly to:


    Children’s Services
    5311 Longwood Avenue
    Parma, OH 44134


    Late Tuition Payments

    Tuition payments are expected in advance of services.  Late tuition payments can result in your child being suspended or withdrawn from the Child Care program until your account is up-to-date. Re-enrollment in the program will depend on space availability.

    Late Pick-Up Charge Begins at 5:01 p.m.


    The Center closes at 5 PM. If  a child is not picked-up by 5 PM, a late charge of $15 per each 15 minutes, or any portion thereof, will be assessed. THE CHILD CARE CLOCK ABOVE THE SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT SHEETS IS USED FOR RECORDING THE TIME. 


    Non-Sufficient Fund Charge

    A $18 fee will be added to weekly tuition if a tuition check is returned to us due to non-sufficient funds. If two checks are returned for NSF, money orders will be required.


    Extended Absences


    In the event of an absence extending longer than 5 school days for any reason, a parent may hold a spot in the program by paying the first week’s current tuition and then ½ that amount for the remaining weeks of leave. Contact the Accounts Receivable Office at 440-885-2484 to learn how to set up this option.

    Family Discount Plan

    Discounts apply only to children who attend the Child Care Center on a full-time basis (full day/full week).  A 10% savings for the second and third child enrolled in the Child Care program is applied.  The parent/guardian will pay the full price for the youngest child enrolled and a 10% tuition discount will be given to all other children enrolled at the Center.


    Scheduled School Recesses and Holidays

    During a week when less than five days of school are scheduled, a daily rate times the actual number of days that the Center is open will be used to determine tuition.  A calendar with the days that the Center provides care will be provided to parents/guardians.