• Pleasantview Day Care

    Pleasantview Child Care Center

    7700 Malibu Drive

    Parma, Ohio  44130

    Phone: 440-885-2409

    Fax: 440-842-9832


    Dana Johnson, Early Childhood Coordinator 





    Arriving and Departing from the Center

    For the Safety of Our Children...

    • Please do not leave the car engine running while you bring your child into the center. 
    • Please do not leave children unattended in the car.


    Parents/guardians are required to sign the child(ren) in and out each day. The daily sign-in and sign-out sheets are located inside each classroom. Parents/guardians are asked to record the time of arrival and departure using the Child Care clock above the sign-in/sign-out sheets.

    •Signing a child in and out each day is imperative.
    •Sign-In/Sign-Out sheets are used to check attendance in emergency evacuation situations!!!

    Once you arrive at the Center, it is important that the parent/guardian take the child to the designated classroom and report to the caregiver on duty.  Only parents (custodial parents), guardians, or people authorized by the parent/guardian, with appropriate and required identification will be allowed to sign a child in and out of the Center. (Custody papers must be on file in the Center.)



    Pick-Up Authorization Requirement

    It is required that parents/guardians complete the Transportation Plan/Pick-up Authorization and Emergency Transportation Form indicating those people that they give authorization to pick-up their child(ren). Three pick-up authorizations and emergency contact names are required. If you do not furnish names within two weeks of child starting program, your care will be interrupted until information is submitted. Returning to the program will depend on available space. It is necessary that these authorized people know that a photo ID will be required in order to sign-out child(ren) from the Center. An Emergency Medical Authorization Form must also be completed. Telephone numbers on this form must be current. Update these two forms when necessary.


    Disease Management Policy

    The Center will have staff members trained to recognize common signs of communicable diseases. The Board of Health Communicable Disease Chart is posted to also assist staff and parents in identifying communicable diseases, treatment necessary, and duration of illness.


    The following precautions shall be taken for children suspected of having a communicable disease:

    The program will immediately notify the parent or guardian of the child’s condition; the child will be isolated and discharged to his/her parent or guardian as soon as possible if ANY of the following signs or symptoms are present:

    • Diarrhea and/or vomiting two or more times in the same day
    • Severe coughing or whooping
    • Difficult or rapid breathing
    • Yellowish skin or eyes
    • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    • Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit taken by axillary method or Thermoscan with other signs of illness
    • Untreated infected skin patch(es); spots or rashes other than diaper rash
    • Sore throat or difficulty swallowing
    • Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool
    • Stiff neck
    • Evidence of lice, scabies, etc.

    A child isolated due to suspected communicable disease shall be in a specifically designated area and provided with a cot and blanket. An adult shall be within sight and hearing at all times. The child will be discharged to parent, guardian, or authorized person as soon as practical.


    Once an ill child has been picked up by a parent/guardian or authorized person, the child will not be readmitted to the Center later that same day.


    Before a child may return to the Center, they must be symptom free for at least 24 hours or have a written doctor’s release, and/or a diagnosis of a non-excluding condition as stated in the current Cuyahoga County Board of Health Communicable Disease Guidelines. This is for the protection of all our children and staff. All parents should arrange for back-up care if the parents are unable to stay home.

    When a child is discharged from the Center due to illness, the parent will be given a written notice stating when their child can return to the Center.


    Parents will be notified if their child has been exposed to a communicable disease.


    A mildly ill child, meaning a child who has minor common cold symptoms without any of the symptoms listed above; or a child who does not feel well without any of the symptoms listed above, will be observed carefully for worsening conditions and will participate in activities as able. The parent/guardian will be notified if necessary.



    Administration of Medications

    For purposes of this policy, "medication" shall include all medicines including those prescribed by a physician and over-the-counter remedies.


    The administration of medication by Child Care Staff is discouraged. We recommend that medications be administered outside of child care hours of operation.


    For children who must take medication while in the program, parents/guardians must follow the Board policy for administration of medication during school hours. A written prescription from the physician as well as written authorization from the parent is required - forms are available in the center office and should be completed and returned to the Child Care Staff before any medication will be given.



    Meals and Snacks

    The Child Care Program will provide a noon meal for each child in attendance. This meal will include at least one (1) food from each of the four basic food groups and shall be served in quantities to meet at least one third of the recommended daily dietary allowances. Monthly menus will be posted in the Child Care Center for review. (Copies available upon request.)


    The program will provide an afternoon nutritious snack. For any child who arrives prior to 8:30 AM, the Program will also provide a morning snack, which does not replace breakfast. Please make every effort to feed children breakfast at home. This is particularly true for infants who cannot eat the morning snack (i.e., graham crackers; sliced bananas; pop-tarts; zwieback; Cheerios, etc.).


    The morning snack will include two (2) foods from the four basic food groups, and the afternoon snack will include one (1) food. A food source of Vitamin C will be served daily and a food source of Vitamin A will be served at least three (3) times weekly, either at the noon meal or at snack time.


    Because the Program provides nutritious food service for the children, it is requested that children not bring food from home unless:

    • He/she is on a special diet prescribed by a physician and the appropriate forms are on file with the Program,
    • He/she is an infant and not yet able to eat food served by the Program and the appropriate forms are on file with the Program, and/or
    • The lunch menu offers something that the child will not eat, or for religious or medical reasons cannot eat. In this event, the parent/guardian must provide a nutritious packed lunch for the child following the same nutrition guidelines as the school-provided lunch. There will be no price reduction in weekly tuition.
    • Notify the Center before 9:00 AM if a school lunch is not required for your child.