Renwood Elementary - Mission & Vision Statements

  • Mission
    The mission of Renwood Elementary School is to create a positive and effective learning environment to enable each student to achieve his/her personal potential. Through the combined efforts of staff, students will become responsible, knowledgeable and confident citizens in an ever-changing democratic society.

    Students, parents, school staff and community will collaboratively endeavor to achieve goals so students receive a quality education from well-trained teachers in a learning atmosphere where students will be prepared to be successful in middle school.
    Statements of Beliefs
    • All students can learn and succeed.
    • Learning is a cooperative effort between teacher and students, student and student, parent and student, and teacher and parent.
    • Dedicated teachers and up-dated, aligned curricular materials are vital to the learning process.
    • Diverse instructional strategies increase learning.
    • Participation in a learning community fosters intellectual, emotional, and social growth. A positive learning environment requires a supportive partnership between the home and school and between the school and the community. All students are responsible for their actions.