Welcome to Encore.  There are two to four teachers in each subject area.  We see all of the Greenbriar students on a rotating basis with Red, White, or Blue days.

    Our grading is different due to seeing the students approximately 14 times per quarter.  We grade by using O (Outstanding), S+, S (Satisfactory), S- or U (Unsatisfactory).

    Here's a list of our ENCORE teachers by subject:

    Art - Ms. Foss and Mrs. Lewis

    Health - Ms. Murphy and Mr. Porach

    Music - Ms. Reis, Ms. Pasternak, and Mr. Campus

    Phys Ed - Mr. Medakovic and Mr. Semon

    Learning Lab -  Miss Hoysak, Miss Hufford, Ms. Messinger, Mrs. Rains, Ms. Medalis