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    Purpose: To more competently prepare for Kindergarten and life-long learning.  

    How do you register/how do you know you are eligible? 
    To qualify, students must be registered and have a birthday (turning 5 years old) between May 1 and September 30.

    Registration for the 2023-2024 school year opens January 1, 2023.

    If my child’s birthday is between May 1 and September 30, am I required to register my child for the Kindergarten Launch Academy? 
    No, the Kindergarten Launch Academy is simply an option for parents. Your child is eligible to attend the full day/everyday kindergarten program if they turn five years old by September 30. 

    Where will the program be offered?
    This district-wide program is held at Green Valley Elementary School, Ridge-Brook Elementary School (beginning the 2023-2024 School Year), and Thoreau Park Elementary School.  General attendance areas and transportation restraints will dictate building placements. School will be assigned based on boundaries. 

    How long is the day?
    This is a full-day program from 9:15 AM- 3:30 PM (the same as traditional Kindergarten). 

    Why did you decide to offer the Kindergarten Launch Academy now? 
    Simply put, the creation of the Kindergarten Launch Academy is an extension of our continuing efforts to better meet the needs of our individual learners. 

    While some districts elect to adjust the Kindergarten enrollment deadline dates, we prefer to offer parents a choice around which kindergarten option is best for their child. We’ve listened to feedback from parents and teachers indicating some of our students would benefit from an alternative step between preschool and full-day kindergarten. The Kindergarten Launch Academy offers a unique solution for students and is an additional way we are working to meet the needs of every student. 

    Will transportation be provided?
    No, unless your child lives within the transportation eligibility zone of the building he/she will be attending.

    How much does this program cost? 
    The program is at no cost to all eligible students. A student fee and supply list will be similar to other grade levels.

    What if my student begins this program, but we quickly realize he/she is ready for traditional full-day kindergarten? Can he/she move up? 
    This type of situation would be handled on a personalized case-by-case basis with parents and building educational teams collaborating to work in the best interest of students.

    What if my child starts kindergarten, but we quickly realize he/she isn’t ready. Can we move him/her into the Kindergarten Launch Academy? 
    This type of situation would be handled on a personalized case by case with parents and building educational teams collaborating to work in the best interest of students and in conjunction with the district’s established protocol. 

    Is there an option for students to move to first grade after completing the program, or do they have to go to kindergarten? 
    Students enrolled in the Kindergarten Launch Academy will be required to complete a full-day, every-day kindergarten the following school year. 

    I have a kindergarten student who might not be ready for the expectations of kindergarten, but his/her birthday is outside the date range. Can we apply? 
    No, the student must meet the date of birth eligibility requirements for this program. 

    If my child is accepted into the Kindergarten Launch Academy program, can I sign him/her up for EDC childcare? 
    Yes, the Extended Day Care program is offered to Kindergarten Launch Academy students. EDC is run through the Office of Children’s Services, please visit parmacityschools.org for more information on our before and after school programs.

    Will my child be fed at school? 
    Yes, students will have lunch and recess just like their elementary peers. 

    Does the program follow the same schedule as the rest of the school as far as holidays and days off? 
    Yes, the Kindergarten Launch Academy follows the Parma City School District calendar.

    Is there a system in place to help parents decide which option is best for their child? Or Is there some kind of test or evaluation? 
    Parents who need a consultation about the best educational options for their child should contact the building principal of their residential building for guidance.