COVID-19 PCSD Distance Learning Information

  • Please find your school's information below for student Distance Learning assignments during the COVID-19 closure.

    • Learning activities will be posted to this webpage each Monday morning by 10:00 AM.
    • This posting will include one week's worth of assignments and we ask that students complete the work by the following Monday.
    • For more specific information about assignments, contact your child's teacher.
    • Information on how to connect with staff is located below in our support section.
    • Learning activities will now be assessed as Pass/Fail. Student final grades will be calculated using the quarter and exam grades they have completed up to this point. The only impact to the final calculation would be an “F”, which would calculate as a 0 in quality points. “P” grades will have no impact on final grade calculation.
    • Teachers will post assignment grades of pass or fail in our Home Access Center to allow you to continue to check progress.


Previous Weeks Assignments

20/20 Closure Challenge

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