Scholarship Acknowledgements

  • Acknowledgments

    This year’s Scholarship Booklet for the Parma City Schools was coordinated and completed by the Parma Council of PTAs.


    Parma Council of PTAs

    Mrs.  Cheryl Kienast– Scholarship Chairman
    Mrs. Liza Czerny – Scholarship Chairman
    Mrs. Heather Ekechi– President


    Parma Board of Education

    Mr. John Schweitzer, President
    Mr. Steven Vaughn, Vice President
    Mrs. Karen Dendorfer
    Mrs. Amanda Karpus
    Mr. John Tenerowicz

    Parma City School District

    Dr. Charles Smialek, Superintendent
    Mr. Sean Nuccio, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

    Normandy High School

    Mrs. Rachel Urban, Principal
    Ms. Debra Hudnell, Guidance Counselor

    Parma Senior High School
    Mrs. Bridget Zywiec, Principal
    Ms. Marian Armstrong, Guidance Counselor

    Valley Forge High School
    Ms. Janine Andrzejewski, Principal
    Ms. Christine Gigliotti, Guidance Counselor

    A very special thank you to all the PTA Units, School and Community Organizations and Individuals who gave time and financial assistance to provide these educational grants and scholarships to the students of the Parma City School District.