Special Transfer Requests

  • Special Transfer Requests are requests to transfer to another school within the district for the FOLLOWING school year. This transfer request application is available for any student in grades K-12. The application for a Special Transfer Request is open from March 1st - April 15th. 

    • Special Transfer Requests are based on space available, no fees owed, behavior and attendance considered.
    • They must be unique, extraordinary circumstances: health reasons, course or program option availability, EDC/Daycare arrangements.
    • Students who are served on an IEP are considered based on team agreement and final approval by the Director, Office of Exceptional Students.
    • This is contingent on space and appropriate programming to meet student needs.
    • Parents will be notified via email of acceptance after the application period ends.
    • Families making a Special Transfer Request agree to remain at the requested building/PVLA for the entire school year (at least a one-year commitment) if the special transfer request is approved.
    • Special Transfer Requests may be rescinded at the end of the school year due to behavior and/or attendance issues. 
    • Special Transfer Requests auto-renews each school year until transition, meaning the student ages out of the building.

    Apply for a Special Transfer Request Here!

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