Richard Simon '68

  • Richard Simon '68

    I loved football. My father started taking me to the Cleveland Browns football games when I was 12. Teachers in grade school were concerned because all my interest was focused on football. They told my parents that I would be lucky if I graduated from high school. I began to like school when I started junior high and changed classes, had different teachers, and subjects. I think I felt some responsibility for my work. My first love was still the game of football.


    I went to Ohio State on a football scholarship. At Ohio State, the athletic department has a “brain coach” as they called it and they would try to identify their athletes that may need some tutoring. I was one of those in need. I was predicted to “flunk out” of college by that counselor. The athletic department required most all of us to attend study tables for a couple of hours every night, five nights a week. I, of course, was chosen with several other guys. I was interested in science and math and went to study table every night.


    You learned quick that you didn’t want the “old man” Woody Hayes mad at you! I was scared, my 1st quarter grade point average was 3.8. At Ohio State under Woody Hayes, we were expected to have the highest graduation rate in the Big 10 conference. Everything was a competition that we had to win!


    I decided to give up football at graduation and marry Sandy. She went to work so I was able to go to medical school. Sandy was a Speech and Language Pathologist. She worked with children in the schools. A short time later we started to have children! Thankfully, I was a resident by that time and getting paid.


    We have 4 children all boys. We also have 2 daughters-in-law, 3 granddaughters, and 2 grandsons. They are currently making life very sweet, special, and fun. We are crazy about them! Sandy and I retired two years ago on the same day and spend our free time with the grandkids.