Credit Recovery

  • Credit Recovery will soon be available at NHS for students who have failed a class and need to make up the credit.  Students can complete a full credit course in 10 weeks or less, attending sessions twice a week after school in the NHS Media Center from 2:45-4: 45 PM.  There is no cost for the make-up courses this year!

    The following list is important information for students and parents to know:

    • Enrollment is ongoing and on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Attendance is mandatory!
    • Credit Recovery is a web-based, self-directed program with a teacher present.  Students are expected to work additional hours online at home but must complete all Credit Recovery tests during after school hours at NHS.
    • Because of the nature of this course, students MUST have failed the course in order to participate in the program.
    • There is no cost this year thanks to a district grant.
    • Final grades will be forwarded to the Records Department to be entered on student transcripts upon successful completion of a course.
    • If the failed course is currently on the student's schedule, it will be removed and replaced with Study Hall or another class, once he/she has passed the course in Credit Recovery.
    • See the Credit Recovery brochure for details on courses offered and the registration form (available soon).
    • Students should take the signed Registration Form to their School Counselor as soon as possible to assure completion of courses in a timely manner.

    Please email or call your child's counselor for further information.