Kindergarten STEM Lottery Process

  • In early April, all Kindergarten students registered by March 28, 2019 will be assigned random numbers.  The numbers will be organized in ascending order (lowest to highest) by home school attendance area. Student names will be pulled from each attendance zone in order to achieve proportional representation from each building within the incoming Kindergarten STEM class.  Families selected in the STEM lottery will be notified immediately following the lottery and will have 7 days to confirm the spot in the Kindergarten STEM classroom for the next school year.   

    If a family does not confirm the spot within 7 days, the spot will be offered to the next student on the lottery list.  This process will repeat until all slots in the STEM Kindergarten classrooms are confirmed. Kindergarten students registered after the April lottery process has occurred will be added to the lottery list in the order of date/time of registration. 

    If you have questions regarding the STEM Kindergarten lottery process, please call the Student Services Department at 440-885-8794.