STEM Education

  • PCSD STEM is a problem-based learning environment for students who apply and are qualified in Grades K-8 at Pleasant Valley Elementary School and Greenbriar Middle School

    Vision Statement

    Prepare learners for 21st-century demands through an innovative trans-disciplinary elementary and middle STEM environment that immerses learners in real-world project-based experiences.

    To empower and inspire a community of lifelong learners and leaders.

    Core Commitments

    1. Foster independent, self-directed learning skills
    2. Build collaborative learning and teamwork skills
    3. Construct a safe and supportive environment to challenge students of diverse ability levels.
    4. Develop critical and creative thinking skills (21st century) through complex and rigorous tasks.
    5. Capitalize on the student’s natural curiosity through the inquiry process.
    6. Use engineering to design solutions to real-world problems.
    7. Create opportunities for students to enhance learning through community partnerships

     STEM Learners are required to:

    • Share thoughts and ideas with others 
    • Work with a team to reach a common goal
      • Persevere to solve problems and not give up when challenged
      • Look at problems in a new way and think creatively
      • Demonstrate self-control and work independently
      • Take ownership of their own learning 

    STEM Parents are required to: 

    Have an active role in STEM learning by assisting in the completion of STEM family projects, attending capstones, attending community immersions, gathering materials, helping in the classroom, communicating with learners about their daily learning and having ongoing communication with coaches (teachers).

STEM Informational Video

STEM: Commonly Asked Questions


  • If you have any questions regarding the STEM Program and application process, please contact Jennifer Nance at or (440) 885-8334. 

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