Food Allergies And Special Diets

  • The Parma City School District’s Nutrition Services Department accommodates students with diet modifications when a physician’s order is received.

    Nutrition Services is required by law to have a physician’s order to provide a student with a modified diet. Once the order is received in the department, the school’s registered dietitian may consult with the student’s physician or parent. 

    The diet restriction is noted in the student’s cafeteria account to notify the cashier of the food restriction. The cafeteria manager/attendant and the clinic aide or nurse are alerted to the student’s dietary restrictions.

    The Cafeteria Manager/Attendant needs to be notified in the morning if the student with a complex diet, plans to get a school lunch that day. The student will receive food substitutions according to their diet.

    If a student takes a food not allowed in their dietary restriction, the cashier advises the student of their restriction and encourages them to follow their diet. If the student rejects the advice, the student’s parent(s) are notified.