• Employment Training

    P.A.C.T.S (Parma Area Center for Transition Services)

    The PACTS program is a dynamic employment and life skill training program for students with multiple disabilities. The ultimate goal of the PACTS program is to promote independence in the home, community and integrated employment setting.

    Program Information:

    • A student must have met all graduation requirements
    • Socially graduate from homeschool prior to program enrollment
    • IEP team decision
    • Documented need for vocational training, life skill training, functional academics and social skills

    Location: Parma Park 


    Two half days per week of job site experience

    • On-site skill building
    • One-half day a week of in-community instruction
    • Emphasis on community resources
    • Classroom instruction to include social skills training, functional academics, independent living skills and personal grooming skills
    • Parma Smoothie Parlor on-site integrated work experience

    Post- Secondary

    Upon completion of the program, students will have a transition passport to include a personal resume, job skill performance checklist, independent living skill performance checklist as well as pertinent transition assessments. Program and outside agency collaboration to support individual post-secondary pathway.

    Benefits of the Program:

    • A student will know themselves and what kind of work they want to do.
    • A student will identify and develop post-secondary and career preparation.
    • A student will acquire skills and qualifications necessary to perform a variety of work.
    • A student will have job and life experiences related to their interests.
    • A student will develop work habits, values and skills demanded by employers.
    • A student will apply and utilize communication skills
    • A student will gain knowledge in Community, Vocational, Daily Living, and Personal Life skills -Students will establish rapport with several community members (job and community sites) -Students will prepare for their post-secondary pathway


    Please contact your Transition Coordinator for more information.