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     National Honors Society


    Advisor Mrs. Carolyn Holt Balis



    440 885-8440

    Invitation to Join:


    Students who are juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher will be notified in the fall that they meet the GPA requirement to apply to become an NHS member.


    Application Requirements to Join:


    Applicants must have been a student of Valley Forge High School for at least two full semesters.


    Applicants must be involved in at least one activity at Valley Forge (list of school activities can be found in the handbook EXCEPT for Renaissance is NOT ACCEPTED as an activity.


    Applications must have 30 hours of community service documented on NHS forms (or stapled to the form) PRIOR to applying. The 30 hours of community service does not have to be with a single organization but all hours MUST be documented and signed by the organization.


    Applicants will need to provide evidence of leadership documented from work, school activities, community service activities, etc.


    Application packets will be distributed to all qualifying students in September of each year.