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    Starting in December of 2017, the Parma City School District will begin to distribute the “In Focus” newsletter.  “In Focus” will be the official newsletter of the PCSD Focus on the Future initiative and will provide regular updates about this stakeholder driven process twice a month during the school year.

    Some of the subjects covered in this newsletter will include updates from Focus on the Future meetings, highlights of proposed short- and long-term recommendations, information about Action Teams and more.

    “At the November 16, 2017 Focus on the Future meeting, it was clear that our Action Team members and our community stakeholders wanted more information about this engagement process on a regular basis,” said Parma City School District Superintendent Carl Hilling.  “This newsletter will hopefully provide more clarity about what Focus on the Future is doing, where we are going and what the community stakeholders want to see from this initiative.”


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In Focus Newsletter