Courtesy Meals And Insufficient Funds

  • We understand that deposits can get lost in your busy day, that is why we recommend parents/guardians sign up for their child’s account. This program enables parents to set up a low balance alert. When a child’s cafeteria account is below the low balance amount, the parent will receive an email notification.

    When a student’s cafeteria account balance is low, the cashier will tell the student that they have a low fund balance. Elementary students, in addition to being told they have a low balance, will get a hand stamp and/or a take-home note telling their parents that the account balance is low. The student will receive these notices until a deposit is made into the account. Secondary students will be told by the cashier that they have a low balance in their account until a deposit is made into the account. 

    There is funding to provide students with low balances a courtesy meal at no charge. A courtesy breakfast provides milk, juice and graham crackers. The courtesy lunch consists of fruit, vegetable, milk and a cheese sandwich. These meals meet the USDA standard for a school meal.

    Funds can be transferred between sibling accounts. Call our office to request this service. Our Point of Sale system does not allow for charging purchases.

    If a student receives three (3) courtesy meals, the student’s parent/guardian is notified of the lack of funds. Unfortunately, chronic abuse of this procedure may warrant suspension of the above procedure.

    Please be aware that after snow days, school menus are subject to change to make the best use of available resources. Specifically, Nutrition Services may utilize food planned but not utilized on snow days.

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

    Read the PCSD Board Policy on Wellness here.