2020 CTE Report Card


    It’s no secret that Parma City School District has high-quality educational opportunities and top-notch programs to help every student achieve their academic and career goals.

    PCSD’s Career and Technical Education programs continue to excel in preparing students for success and received high marks on the Ohio Department of Education State Report Card in 2020.

    Report cards look a little different this year, as there are no letter grades, but Career Tech increased in four major components as compared to last year.

    In Technical Skill Attainment, 92.9% of 2020 graduates in CTE programs passed their certification and web exams. These assessments measure the skills and knowledge students learned in their career tech program. PCSD had a 99.2% participation rate of 2020 students who took these assessments. Last year, 88.1% of 2019 graduates passed their certifications and exams.

    Post Program Placement measures students from career tech programs who are employed, in an apprenticeship, joined the military or enrolled in post-secondary education six months after leaving high school. 97.7% of the Class of 2019 CTE graduates fall into one of these categories, compared to 97.4% of the Class of 2018 CTE graduates.

    Both four-year and five-year career tech graduation rates increased in the PCSD. CTE received 97.4% four-year graduation rate and 96.1% five-year graduation rate. Last year’s report card, four-year graduation rate was at 90.3% and five-year graduation rate was at 95.7%.

    For Career and Post-Secondary Readiness, which measures how well career tech students are prepared for higher education or career after graduation, CTE received 83.7% on this year’s report card, as compared to 73.9% last year.

    “I am really proud of our results this year,” expressed Kristen Plageman, PCSD’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, which includes Career and Technical Education. “We increased in all measurements from 2019 to the 2020 report card, despite having a crazy fourth quarter last school year.”

    “Even with the challenges last school year, we were still able to provide every CTE student with a chance to earn certifications,” she added. “Technical Skill Attainment is something I always look at and we went up over four percentage points. We are always setting the bar high and our students and teachers exceeded expectations. We have very dedicated teachers and the students were very determined to succeed.”