Teaching Professions

  • CTE logo This program, whose leader organization is Future Educators of America, introduces college-bound seniors to the teaching profession and gives them a head start on the path to a successful teaching career.  Instructional topics include instructional strategies, history of education, diverse learning styles, appropriate learning atmosphere, classroom technology, and monitoring and assessing student performance.  Each student must also complete field experiences in actual elementary, middle school and high school classrooms.  From this program, students may be able to obtain technical and professional level careers in planning, managing and providing education and training services and related learning support services.
    Valley Forge High School
    Senior year - 4
    Introduction to Education and Training
    Organizational Processes
    Foundations of Education
    Safety and Health
    Child Growth and Development
    Curriculum Strategies
    Instructional Strategies
    Family/Community Collaboration and Communication
    Professional Development and Growth
    Learning and Developmental Characteristics
    Learning Environment
    Internships and Multiple Levels of Education
    Creation of a Portfolio
    College Credit
    Available college credit awarded upon meeting articulation requirements


    Frist Aid
    Child Abuse Recognition
    Communicable Disease Transmission
    Microsoft Office Specialist Word
    Microsoft Office Specialist Excel
    Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint
    Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook
    Student Organization
    Future Educators of America
    Future Teachers of America
    Teacher Contact Information
    Tami Wozniak-Smith