1960s - 1970s

  • 1962:

    Byers Field is renovated again - with renovations being completed to coincide with the opening of Valley Forge High School. This time the seating capacity is increased to more than 12,500.  New locker rooms are added and the press box is enlarged.  The new east stands have a capacity of 7,000 and the refurbished west stands can hold 4,500.  The increase is seating capacity means the home side of the field as now moved back to the east stands, with the visitor side on the west stand.  In addition, a portion of the original West Stands are moved to the north end of the field. 

    Under the West Stands, provisions are made for a 14-bay garage complete with spray booth and wash rack to service the district’s school buses.  Valley Forge High School, which was recently completed, plays its first game at Byers Field against Willoughby South and wins 32-6.  Later in the year, Sharon Felic is crowned Valley Forge’s first homecoming queen.  Parma and Forge meet for the first time in what will be a long rivalry.  Parma wins 34-0.

  • (UP LEFT: Byers Field under construction in 1962. The east stands have been removed and the stands in the north part of the field have been relocated. UP RIGHT: Aerial view of Byers Field in 1963 - after completion. Day Drive is at left and parking for Parmatown Mall has been added west of the stadium. DOWN LEFT: Valley Forge Homecoming in the fall of 1963 - looking at the west stands. BOTTOM RIGHT: Aerial view of Byers from the south. The transportation garage is clearly visible on the left.)


    Padua Franciscan High School begins playing its home games at Byers for the first time. In the team’s first showing at the field, the Bruins get beat by Cincinnati Roger Bacon, 34-0.


    Newly-built Normandy High School plays its first game at Byers against Lakewood and loses 36-0. Denise Gaul is crowned as Normandy’s first homecoming queen. Normandy loses to both Parma and Forge in their first meeting. 24-0 and 41-8 respectively. (Note: Only sophomores and juniors attended classes that year so there were no seniors on the football team for Normandy.)


    Largest recorded crowd at Byers of 15,800 to see Parma best Valley Forge 10-8. During several matchups during the 1960s reports indicate that there was standing room only. Although it is estimated that these crowds were more than 15,000, no actual figure was ever given.