1920s - 1930s

  • Parma's First High School 1921:

    Parma's first high school, located on Ridge Road, is completed and dedicated in 1921.  The first graduating class of 1922 consisted of six students - two boys and four girls. 

    (Photo above: The October 1921 dedication of the building.)


    Parma 1928 Football Team    
    The land behind Parma Ridge High School, an apple orchard, is cleared to become the football field.  Students, along with parents and horses, pulled out the tree stumps. According to Dr. Dudley Fay in the video "Parma Schools: A Living Legend", students also helped a dynamite expert blast up tree stumps in the area. 
    (Photo Above: Members of the 1928 Parma Ridge football team. In the background on the right side of the photo is the back of Parma Ridge High School.  Lee Bailey '29 is fourth from the left, bottom row. Picture courtesy of the Parma Alumni Association.)

    1936 Parma Redmen
    Ridge Road Stadium was built in Parma by WPA (Work Progress Administration) funds. The hard-clay surface stadium, which seated only 200 people was considered a white elephant for years as people wondered why such a facility was built in rural Parma. In fact, the stadium was not completed.  Parma Schaaf High School teams compete in a field behind Schaaf for many years. 
    (Photo Above: The 1936 Parma Redmen football team. The high school, at this time, was now housed at Parma Schaaf.)