Accessing Adult Services

  • There are numerous service options available for adults with disabilities.  The two agencies that we work with on a regular basis are CCBDD and OOD.  Both of these agencies can begin working with young adults while still in high school.  The school district often collaborates with one or both of these agencies in order to provide transition services that are as seamless as possible.  See below for information on how to access these services for your student.


  • What does CCBDD stand for?
    Who can become eligible for CCBDD services?
    An individual with a developmental disability that is diagnosed before age 22, that continues indefinitely, and causes substantial difficulties in at least three areas, such as self-care, learning, mobility, and economic independence.  A developmental disability can be a physical or a mental impairment.
    What is the referral age?
    We typically refer students at age 16.  Some students may have been eligible since they were young children, but everyone needs to re-establish eligibility at age 16. 
    What is the referral process?
    With parental permission, the Transition Coordinatorwill initiate the referral at age 16 (or a few months before).  We attach the IEP, ETR, and any medical documentation of the disability.  The CCBDD Intake Specialist will review the documentation and will contact the parent to set up a time to administer the OEDI (Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument).  Once the OEDI is completed, then a decision will be made about eligibility.  Occasionally, the Intake Specialist will need to work with the family to get additional documentation of the disability before the OEDI can be administered.
    What services can CCBDD provide?
    CCBDD is a strong believer in Person Centered Planning and will always try to provide individualized services based on the needs of the individual and their family.
    Here are some examples of services:
          Behavior Supports
          Communication Supports
          Summer Work Experiences
          Family Supports
          Assistive Technology
          Therapy (PT, OT, and Speech)
          Home Modifications
          High School Transition
          Employment Supports
          Day Programming
          Supported Living
          Travel Training
    How long will I receive services?
    Once you are eligible, then you can receive services for the rest of your life, based upon your individual needs.
    How do I contact CCBDD?  
    Main Switchboard: (216) 241-8230
    Intake Office:   (216) 736-2673
    How do I access the CCBDD Provider Search Tool?


  • What does OOD stand for?
    Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.  You may have also heard of BVR (Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation) which is part of OOD. 
    Who can become eligible for OOD services?
    A person with a documented disability that causes a substantial impediment to prepare for, get, or keep a job in the competitive job market.  Also there must be a need for VR services. 
    What is the referral age?
    OOD can start providing transition services as early as 14 if necessary. We typically refer students in grades 10-12.
    What is the referral process?
    The Transition Coordinator sets up an intake meeting with the parent, student, and VR Counselor.  The initial intake interview and application paperwork are completed at the meeting.  The IEP and ETR are provided to the VR Counselor.  Sometimes additional documentation of the disability is needed from a doctor or psychologist. After receiving all the necessary documentation, the VR Counselor will determine eligibility.  Once eligible, you will meet with your VR counselor to determine an employment goal and write an IPE (Individual Plan for Employment) that will outline services needed to reach that goal.
    What services can OOD provide?
    Services are individualized to the student's needs and can include the following:
          Career Assessments
          Community-Based Work Assessments
          Summer Career Exploration
          Summer Work Experience
          Travel Training
          Resume Development
          Skill Acquisition
          Job Development
          Job Coaching
    How long will I receive services?
    You will typically receive services until you are employed.  Your case is usually closed after 90 days of successful employment.  If long term supports are needed to maintain competitive employment, you may be referred to CCBDD.
    How do I contact OOD?
    Phone: (216) 227-3250
    How do I search for OOD providers?