Snow Day Information

  • If school is called off because of bad weather, the district will notify parents and staff by phone and email.  The official announcement will be on the district’s website, Facebook, Instagram, area TV stations and radio stations, and on  

    Starting the 2014-2015 school year, the old-style calamity days or snow days that we used for years will no longer be available. Instead, the state will consider hours in school instead of days in school when giving credit for a canceled day. School can be closed because of bad weather, but because PCSD students attend school more than the minimum number of hours, we should be able to handle any snow days and not have to make them up. 

    A decision to close the schools is not made lightly, but sometimes because of safety concerns, it is necessary.  Factors that are considered include information about whether or not school parking lots and sidewalks are clear and safe for both driving and walking, whether or not main roads and side streets are safe for students to walk to the bus stop or school, and whether or not the Transportation Department believes school buses can safely transport students to and from school. 

    In addition, we consult with the safety forces in Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills to see if they believe that travel is safe.  We also check the forecast for the hours immediately before, during and after school.  The superintendents in the area consult each other to see if they have decided to cancel classes or remain open. 

    Sometimes there are parents who disagree with the decision the district makes, and in that case the parent must decide whether or not to send their children to school.