High School Transcripts/Consent for Records Release

High School Transcript Information

  • Please note: As of April 2020, this transcript request form can now be filled out digitally and can be emailed to each individual building's records room.  Please fill out the form and email to one of the addresses below: 

Transcript Request Building Email Addresses

More Information

  • Individuals who have graduated from any Parma City School District high school--Normandy High School, Parma Senior High School, or Valley Forge High School--must complete a Transcript/Consent for Record Release form in order to have an official transcript sent to any college, company, agency or individual. 

    NOTE: All SAT and ACT scores are part of the high school transcript.

    A parent's signature is required for individuals under the age of 18.


    Current Students:
    If you are a current student and wish to meet with your counselor for assistance (college application forms, scholarship applications, etc.) please be sure to schedule an appointment and bring the form, along with any other documents or materials necessary to that appointment.
    If you need your counselor to write a recommendation letter or to complete a college rating sheet to be included with your transcript and other materials, bring a copy of your resume with you to your appointment. Generally speaking, only private colleges or scholarships require such recommendations. Read all documents carefully before your appointment with your counselor.

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