Welcome to Math 7 & Math 7 Honors with Mrs. Brosemer

  • Homework

    Please visit the CLAWS team homework page to view nightly homework for Mrs. Brosemer's class.  Your agenda should be your first source for nightly homework.


    CPM Online Textbook


    You can visit http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework to view all homework problems EXCEPT closure questions without logging into the online textbook.  Students can use their Google account to log into the CPM ebook.

    Online Parent Support is also available on CPM's website.  It can be accessed through www.cpm.org or through the online Parent Guide.


    Class Expectations

    During the course of the year the Math 7 course will cover the entire College Preparatory Mathematics: Core Connections Course 2 textbook.  The Math 7 Honors course will cover Chapters 6-9 in the Core Connections Course 2 book as well as the Course 3 book in its entirety in order to properly prepare students for Algebra I and to take the 8th grade AIR exam.  The course grade for math is determined by the following weights:

    40% - Individual Tests

    25% - Individual Quizzes

    15% - Other (homework, class work, etc.)

    20% - Team Tests




    This year students will be taking the American Institutes for Research (AIR) test.  Please see the Ohio Department of Education's website for information.