Volunteers Needed


    Volunteers have a positive impact on students, schools and our communities. Volunteers make a difference! 

    Here are some ways to get involved in our schools:
    Volunteer: Schools need people to help out in classrooms, lunchrooms and on the playground, as well as volunteers to help with field trips or in the office.
    Parent Organizations: Many schools have Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) that organize events and fund-raising efforts and are looking for active members.
    Guest Speakers: Schools may want volunteers to speak on Career Days or to share special talents or skills with young people.
    Donations: Donations of money always are welcomed, and, in addition, schools often can benefit from donations of materials such as art supplies, fabric, paint, etc. for children to use in art classes and for class projects.
    Alumni Associations: All of our high schools have active alumni associations that help with various functions to improve school environments.
    We will also post other community volunteer opportunities in the section below! 

Volunteer Information