Families and Schools Together (FAST)

  • Families and Schools Together is a collaborative prevention and parent involvement program.
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    The FAST strategy is to reduce risk factors and build protective factors related to those problems by using a family based model for young children and their families. Building protective factors creates resistance against failure in school, substance abuse, and other risk factors faced by children and their families.

    FAST is funded by Cuyahoga County and other State and Federal sources. Family and Children First Council (FCFC) pay for the startup costs for FAST and all the team stipends.

    The FAST program will be held at the following PCSD buildings Dentzler Elementary, Thoreau Park Elementary, Pleasant Valley Elementary, Parma Park Elementary, John Muir Elementary , Ridgebrook Elementary and Pleasantview First Step  FAST families meet once a week for 8 weeks. FAST is held one evening a week after school usually 5:00pm to 8:30pm

    The weekly sessions include six key elements:

    1. A meal shared as a family unit

    2. Family communication games played at a family table

    3. Time for couples or buddies

    4. A self-help parent group

    5. One on one parent-child time and

    6. A lottery that lets every family win once followed by a closing ritual.

    FAST usually twice a year once in the fall, winter or spring. FAST follows the school calendar.