Teach Me to Read at Home

  • Parents are Their Child’s First Teachers

    Research consistently shows that children who get off to a good start in reading rarely stumble throughout their school years.

    The importance of literacy for children cannot be understated. Teaching them to read must be a joint effort among teachers, parents, the community and the children themselves. We especially want to include parents in this effort, because as their child’s first teacher, they can offer the strongest support by being a role model for reading, by spending time reading to their children, and by making reading a priority in their home.  Reading support must start well before a child goes to kindergarten. To help parents with this very important effort the Parma City School’s Office of Family Engagement has developed a series of learning opportunities for parents to create a family plan to improve their child’s literacy.

    Workshops that Prepare for Early Literacy

    Teach Me to Read at Home is a program designed for Pre-K children and their parents, features a series of six workshops held in the evening so that parents and their children can work together with beginning reading skills.  Parents and/or guardians of pre-kindergarten children are invited to attend the six-session workshops designed to help parents to prepare children for kindergarten and the world of reading. 

    Fall Sessions - To Be Announced

    Spring Sessions - To Be Announced

    Children and parents will learn and practice reading activities to use at home with their child. 
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    Questions please contact Mikael Price at pricemi@parmacityschools.org or by phone at (440) 843-3086.

    What Can Parents Do at Home?

    • Talk and listen to your child.
    • Read together with your child.
    • Encourage early writing efforts.
    • Show your child that you read, whether it’s the newspaper, magazines or books.
    • Take your child to the library and check out books to read together.
    • Start a home library.