Parenting Partners

  • Parenting Partners: Engaging Parent Leadership WorkshopsParenting Partners

    Parenting Partners is for all parents who are interested in enhancing their parenting skills and supporting their children’s education both at home and school.  Parenting Partners is an eight-week set of workshops held at various school sites throughout the Parma City School District on Tuesday evenings.  Workshops are funded through Title I funds and other grant funding. Parenting Partners workshops are fun, interactive, experience-orientated and discussion-driven. 

    Topics include:

    • Positive Parenting
    • Creating Confident Kids
    • Creating Structure for Achievement
    • The Discipline Difference
    • What Children/Teens Need to Succeed
    • Parents Engaged for Academic Success

    All workshops and materials are free of charge.  Child care and a light dinner is provided.

    Workshops focus on Practical Tools for Positive Parenting

    Parents learn how to create a stronger home environment, empowering their children to effectively and successfully do their studies at home.  Parents also learn positive ways to communicate with teachers and staff.  The curriculum is based on the research-based framework of the 40 Developmental Assets, which are the building blocks of healthy development that all children and adolescents need to succeed.  To learn more about the 40 Developmental Assets go to .  Parenting Partners workshops were developed by Family Leadership, Inc., a non-profit organization that has trained over 70, parents nationwide.  To learn more about Parenting Partners go to .

    Workshop sessions will be held twice this school year, Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm:

    Fall Session:  October 20th - December 15th             

    Spring Session: February 23rd-April 12th    

    Workshops are available at the following locations:

    Dentzler Elementary School

    John Muir Elementary School

    Parma Park Elementary School

    Pleasant Valley Elementary School

    Renwood Elementary School

    Ridge-Brook Elementary School

    Thoreau Park Elementary School

    Greenbriar Discovery Center at Greenbriar Middle School