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    The Parma City School District believes in the power of two-way communication and uses X (formerly Twitter) to not only make short announcements about news, events, awards, and accolades but also gather feedback from our community members. Follow us on X @ParmaSchools and join the conversation! 

    Please Note: The Parma City School District’s (“District”) X page (“Page”) is intended to be used as a communication tool of the district in a friendly forum where kindness and compassion are shown towards students, staff and community members.  By accessing, viewing and/or posting on the Page, you are deemed to have accepted, without qualification, the following Terms of Use as if you had actually physically signed an agreement.  If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you may not view or post any content to the Page.

    Terms of Use

    • Employees, students and parents must adhere to these Terms of Use as well as all other District policies (including without limitation Board of Education policies and the Student Code of Conduct) and collective bargaining agreements, as applicable. Employees may not post content that purportedly or impliedly speaks for the District without express prior approval of the Superintendent to do so. 
    • Harassment, bullying, threatening, profane, abusive, obscene, defamatory and/or discriminatory content will not be tolerated.
    • You must abide by Twitter Terms and Conditions, as applicable.
    • You may not post any content that contains any product, company or service endorsements, solicitations of any nature, or promotions of commercial ventures.
    • The District is not responsible or liable for your or any third-party posts, nor do such posts speak for or reflect the opinion of the District.
    • You acknowledge that information posted on the Page becomes public and that you have no expectation of privacy related to your access, use of or posting to the Page.
    • Discussions that are inappropriately “off-topic” and/or not conducive to the purpose of this Page are prohibited.
    • You agree that in accessing, viewing or posting to the Page, you will not violate any local, state or federal laws including without limitation criminal, copyright or intellectual property laws.
    • Employees are not permitted to share private educational, health, and/or other confidential information of students or other employees; all other users are strongly discouraged from doing so.  Student or employee-specific matters should be handled directly with the appropriate District representative through means outside of this Page. 
    • The District reserves the right to monitor, prohibit, restrict, block, suspend, terminate, delete or discontinue your access to the Page at any time. The District in its sole discretion may monitor, prohibit, restrict, block, suspend, terminate, delete, or filter any content contained in or posted to the Page.  


    Thank you in advance for utilizing this communication tool in an appropriate manner.