Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Menus

  • In January 2019, Parma City School District moved to online breakfast, lunch and snack menus! 

    The new online menus allow for flexibility in menu options and the ability to see exactly what is being served, with a listing of nutritional facts for every item on the menu. There is also the option to view the allergens in every product served for those students who have allergies.

    Families can make payments through MySchoolBucks, view meal prices, and apply for free and reduced meal programs through the online menu website, as well. 

    Online menus can be accessed at
    or by downloading the My School Menus app through the Apple App store or Google Play store

    Simply type in Parma City School District, then the name of the school building your child attends. All 15 school buildings in the district have menus available online through this platform. To view nutritional and allergy information, just hover over the menu item for more details. 

    Learn more about the online menus and how to use the platform by viewing the following instructional video here:

Menu Information

  • Studies show that kids who eat breakfast have a better memory, tests and school attendance than those who don’t. Breakfast is available to ALL students. A School Breakfast is made up of at least 3 meal components.  These components are Fruit or Fruit Juice, Low-fat Skim Milk, and a total of 2 servings of Whole Grains or 1 Whole Grain, and 1 Meat Alternative. Fresh fruit is offered daily.

    There are five meal components offered with each School Lunch - meat or meat alternative, fruit, vegetable, grain, and milk. Federal regulations require that to count as a School Lunch and be sold as a School Lunch, students need to take three of these components. One must be a fruit or vegetable. If these requirements are not followed, the items are charged individually as a la carte prices. All lunches are served with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meat or meat alternative, and 1% white milk or fat-free flavored milk. To ensure students receive all their nutritional requirements, the variety of vegetables served includes a dark orange or red vegetable, a dark green vegetable, and dried beans or peas. Sandwiches are offered daily. Meals are planned with reduced sodium. 

    In addition to School Breakfast and Lunches, a la carte foods are also offered. The a la carte foods are not included in the School Breakfast or Lunch and are charged for the individual item. All a la carte items meet the Smart Snacks standards. Menus are subject to change. Changes are announced with building announcements.