Reading Theme For This Year

  • "Let's Take a Reading Road Trip!" is the reading theme for this school year.

    Program Information:
    Students are encouraged to read outside of the classroom. Reading is such an enjoyable activity that can be done anywhere, anytime.

    For every 10 minutes they read, students are to shade and date the car on their reading sheet.  
    Reading sheets are always available in the classroom in a labeled bin.  Students should turn in completed sheets as soon as they are complete into another labeled bin in the classroom.

    Each sheet equals 200 minutes. When a sheet is turned in their progress will be marked on a class chart.

    Every class in the entire school participates. We make it a friendly competition each quarter to see which class has the most minutes read. It's really fun and motivating!

    On top of that, our PTA runs a prize shop that students may visit when they accumulate minutes.

    Our goal is to read 1 million minutes as an entire school by the end of the year.

    Then we all participate in what we here at Green Valley refer to as Reading Celebration Day. The day is exactly how it sounds. We participate in various reading activity stations throughout the day.

    Please encourage your child to read not only to themselves but to you too.

    Together we can facilitate a love for reading!

    Thanks for your support!