Purpose of Homework

  • We feel homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school.

    We believe in quality, not quantity. Therefore, homework is given to reinforce what has been learned in class. This then prepares them for upcoming lessons and promotes positive study habits.

    We expect students to do their best job on their homework.  This means that all assignments are neat, and turned in on time.  Parents should help children with homework if a problem arises, but only after children have tried their best to solve it on their own.

    In no case, however, should parents do homework for their children.  Any homework not completed on time will be considered an incomplete assignment.  At that time your child will receive a grade of 50%.  If it is turned in any later, a "zero" will be recorded. The assignment(s) do need to be completed and turned in no matter what!

    If there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish homework, a parent must send a note to us on the day the homework was due stating the reason it was not completed.  The note must be signed by a parent. The assignment must be turned in the following day.

    This exception is not for long term assignments.  Those must be turned in on the assigned due dates.