Drama Workshop

  • The Normandy Drama Workshop performs two shows each year currently. This is a great way for students to be involved!  We perform a fall play which highlights acting skills and is held in October.  Then, in the spring we will have a musical in April. 


    To get involved you can: attend one of our Drama Club meetings, fill out a crew form in the main office for a production or simply audition for a show! Our auditions are open to anyone who wants to tryout. Also, auditions are typically held in time slots to help provide a stress free atmosphere. Minimal preparation is required.
    You can find out more information by emailing the address below and checking the school announcements or NDW bulletin board located in the back hallway behind the theatre: by the band/choir rooms.
    We are also always looking for extra members to join our backstage crew!! For each production our backstage crews include: Paint Crew, Advertising Crew, Props Crew, Costume Crew, Stage Crew, Lights and Sound Operators and Stage Managers. 
    We look forward to having you aboard!
Drama Workshop