10 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten

    1. Create a routine over the summer. Give your child a bedtime (8:00 PM is great!) and stick to it.
    2. Have your child practice writing his first name. If your child can do this, try the last name, or practice lower case letters.
    3. Use counting in your daily activities. Count how many steps it takes to get to the mailbox or the park. Count out fruit, placemats, napkins and so forth.
    4. Take your child with you to the grocery store, post office, library, and other errands. Talk with her about what she’s seeing, hearing and touching. It’s all part of learning!
    5. Visit your local library and help your child get a free library card. Then use the card to visit the library each week and borrow a book.
    6. Let your child practice his independence by allowing him to make certain choices (“do you want an apple or a banana?”), and by encouraging him to try new things and to problem solve.
    7. Set a limit to the amount of TV your child watches (1-2 hours should be the maximum). When possible, watch TV together and talk about what you see.
    8. Prepare a “study spot” for your child and supply it with crayons, paper, scissors and other kindergarten “tools.” Set aside a time each day for your child to draw there. Once school starts this can become the time and place where your child does her homework.
    9. Help your child know or be able to do the following before entering kindergarten: 
      Recite name, address, and telephone number
      Use the bathroom independently and button and zip clothes
      Share and play with other children. This will help your child to    
            adjust to a new kindergarten classroom.
    10. Read, Read, Read! (In English or your native language!)