Scholarship Program Information

  •  2018-2019 Scholarship Program

    Parma Council of PTAs is pleased to coordinate the Scholarship Program for the graduating seniors of the Parma City School District. We are delighted that this is the largest PTA Council Scholarship Program in the State of Ohio.

    The 2018-2019 Parma Council of PTAs Scholarship program has over $90,000 worth of scholarship funds being offered to graduating seniors of the Parma City School District. There are over 70 scholarships to be awarded by Ohio PTA, Parma Council of PTAs, local PTA and PTSA units, school affiliated groups, and community organizations. If your son or daughter is a graduating senior at one of the Parma City School District’s three public high schools, he/she is strongly encouraged to participate in the 2018-2019 Scholarship Program.

    This Book List Criteria document contains complete descriptions of each scholarship offered as well as requirements and deadlines for participation. All graduating seniors are encouraged to apply for each and every scholarship for which they meet the criteria.


    This year’s Scholarship Booklet for the Parma City Schools was coordinated and completed by the Parma Council of PTAs.


    Parma Council of PTAs
    Mrs.  Cheryl Kienast– Scholarship Chairman
    Mrs. Julie Sisunik – Scholarship Chairman
    Mrs. Angela Revay– President


    Parma Board of Education
    Mr. John Schweitzer, President
    Mrs. Amanda Karpus, Vice President
    Mrs. Karen Dendorfer
    Mr. John Tenerowicz
    Mr. Steven Vaughn

     Parma City School District
    Dr. Charles Smialek, Superintendent
    Mr. Sean Nuccio, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

    Normandy High School
    Mrs. Rachel Urban, Principal
    Ms. Debra Hudnell, Guidance Counselor

    Parma Senior High School
    Mr. Leo Spagnola, Principal
    Ms. Marian Armstrong, Guidance Counselor

    Valley Forge High School
    Ms. Janine Andrzejewski, Principal
    Ms. Christine Gigliotti, Guidance Counselor

    A very special thank you to all the PTA Units, School and Community Organizations and Individuals who gave time and financial assistance to provide these educational grants and scholarships to the students of the Parma City School District.

     Scholarship Application Information
    Steps on how to complete the regular application: Scholarship Instructions


    Special Requirements for each scholarship:Book List Criteria


    Regular Application

    The 2018-2019 Scholarship Application for Parma Council of PTAs is located below; complete the PDF fillable form and print the application. The application can be saved to your own computer. Please make sure the latest version of Adobe Reader XI is installed on your device.

    Scholarship Application 2018-2019 Please download the application and save it prior to entering your data. Page two (2) of the application must be completed by your High School Guidance Counselor

    If you are using your Chromebook. Open the Application from the website.   Start the application.  When it is complete and you want to save, hit the print Icon, then you will see the save “button”  Make sure you have the destination set to “save to Google Drive”  BUT LEAVE the application open or you will lose the fillable piece of the application.  Once it is complete and ready open it from Google Docs to make sure you have not lost any information.  You can then print however you print from your Chromebook.

    Special Scholarship Applications & Forms

    Other Scholarship opportunities can be found on Naviance. Those scholarships are not included in the PCPTA activities.

    Medical Mutual of Ohio Grant Information (Note: Will not be included in PCPTA Scholarship recognition activities)


    Parma Council of PTAs (PCPTA) sponsors this scholarship program for students enrolled in the Parma City School District.

    All applications must be submitted by the predetermined deadline. PCPTA assumes no responsibility if the application is incomplete, late, or contains erroneous information.

    The scholarship recipient decisions are final and based on a ranking or appointment of the scholarship based on policies and/or guidelines established by the sponsor.

    The recipient assumes full recognition of and responsibility of guidelines as established.
    Sponsors have the right to revoke any dollars based upon noncompliance.