• The FBI estimates there is a sex offender living within every square mile of the United States. The crimes committed by this group include, but are not limited to, child molestation and pedophilic acts.


    We all want our children to live in a world of trust and love, but we must also protect our children from those who would do them harm. Ultimately, only you can determine the amount of protection your child needs. Although there are many agencies that can and will help if the unthinkable occurs, the very best approach is to be as certain as possible that nothing ever does happen. As a parent, I ask that you educate yourself concerning child sexual abuse.


    The school district is fortunate to be able to work with Tim Dobeck, Law Director for the City of Parma, in order to provide you with information designed to help protect your child from these dangers.


    Visit the main office of any of our buildings where a complete copy of Child Safety information is available. We have also made copies of this valuable resource available to the four county libraries within the district.