Home Access Center Troubleshooting Guide

  • Problem / Situation


    A question about how many mailers / accounts they have received

    Please see the FAQ page on student and parent accounts.

    Unable to login, forgotten password

    Please see the FAQ page on login problems and password resets.

    Problem using Home Access Center

    Please see the Instructions page

    Inaccurate information such as contacts, phones or addresses

    Please print out the page, note the corrections on the paper and send to your child's school.

    Questions about grades and / or assignments

    Please contact the specific teacher involved.

    Question about attendance and / or discipline

    Please print out the page, note the question and send to the school.

    Missing contact (such as non-custodial parent)

    Please contact the school office directly. Mailers for new accounts are sent out once every five weeks or so.

    If your problem / situation is not addressed here or you are continuing to have problems please e-mail us at HomeAccessCenter@parmacityschools.org with your name, your child's name, your child's building and grade and a detailed description of the problem. We will attempt to resolve your situation as quickly as possible.