Parent Liaison and Mentor for Private and Community Schools and Special Education

Beth Carter
  • We are excited to announce that PCSD has a Parent Liaison to help effectively communicate with our private and community school families living in the district as well as continuing her role as the special education parent mentor. Elizabeth Carter has been actively engaged with the Parma City School District for over two decades. During this time, she and her husband, Troy, successfully raised two sons who graduated from Valley Forge High School in 2020. Additionally, for the past eight years, she has been honored to serve as the district's Parent Mentor, offering guidance and assistance to PCSD families as they navigate the complexities of the special education process. Elizabeth firmly believes in the importance of parent involvement and relies on communication, collaboration and cooperation as vital elements to foster genuine family engagement and community participation.
    • Parent Mentor & Liaison

      The Ohio Department of Education recognizes the need for parents to be able to communicate with their children’s schools. Parents of children with disabilities are in greatest need of this help.

      Created in 1990, the Parent Mentor Project promotes communication between families and schools. Parent mentors provide resources, guidance and support to families. They work with the schools, families and the community to find the best possible options for the children.

      Currently, there are approximately 75 Parent Mentor Projects in Ohio. They serve nearly one-third of the schools and families in Ohio’s school districts.

      Parent mentors provide information and support to families of children with disabilities and their school districts. Each mentor is a district employee and also a parent of a child with a disability.

      What Does A parent Mentor Do? 

      What does a Parent Mentor do?

      • Guides families through the special education process
      • Helps families understand their rights and responsibilities 
      • Provides information and resources to families and schools. This includes education laws and district programs
      • Engages community services and other resources to support schools and families 
      • Attends IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings and other meetings at the request of the parents and/or staff members 
      • Listens and supports both the families and teachers on an individual basis 
      • Hosts information sessions or workshops for families and professionals
      • Connects families, schools and the community to benefit students with disabilities.