Infants 6 weeks - 18 months

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    Infants 6 weeks-18 months
    Each infant will have an individualized schedule as needed. The following activities will be included in degree and quantity as age-appropriate:

    • Nurturing
    • Feeding
    • Diapering routines
    • Naps
    • Intellectual stimulation
    • Eye-hand coordination activities
    • Large and small motor development activities
    • Cognitive development activities
    • Language development activities


    Feeding Policy 

    If an infant is not yet able to eat the food provided by the Center, the parent/guardian will be required to provide appropriate formula and/or strained/pureed foods. The Center will not prepare or mix any infant formula. Each infant’s formula will be provided to the Center by the parent/guardian in feeding bottles that are labeled with the child’s name and date of preparation.

    Strained and/or pureed infant foods provided by the parent/guardian will be unopened commercially prepared foods. The Center will serve these foods from appropriate serving containers, but infants will not be fed directly from the packaging container. Any unused portion of food will be disposed of or returned to the parent/guardian. Each container will be labeled with the child’s name.  A Parent Instruction for Infant Feeding Form will be completed by the parent/guardian and kept on file at the Center for any infant whose food will be provided by the parent/guardian.


    Diaper/Wipes Use Policy 

    Parents are to provide an adequate supply of diapers and wipes for use by their child. The packages should be labeled with child’s name. Petroleum jelly is provided by the Center. Parent/guardian must complete a provided form regarding their instructions for use of any over-the-counter diapering product(s). This form must be reviewed and signed by parent/guardian every three months. Ointments and creams other than petroleum jelly used for diapering must be labeled with the child’s name and should be provided by the parent/guardian. The Parma City School District’s Policy and Procedure for Administering Medication must be followed when a prescription ointment or cream is to be used.


    Remember to Bring:

    • Diaper/wipes supply
    • Box of tissues
    • Two (2) changes of clothing (size and season appropriate, including socks). All extra clothes and outerwear must be labeled with child's name.
    • Prepared bottles and commercial foods labeled with child's first name and last initial in sufficient quantities
    • Please provide a security object(s) such as pacifiers, favorite blanket or stuffed animal. (Security objects should also be labeled with child's name.)