Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll my child in Extended Day Child Care? 

    Parents wishing to enroll new children into the program during the CURRENT school year must first complete an Inquiry Form by going to If space in the program is available, you will be contacted to complete additional documents online and pay the required $30 registration fee. You will be contacted to confirm your child’s start date. Full payment for the initial service period must be received PRIOR to your child’s first day in EDC. Registration fees are non-refundable and paid annually.

    I am already in EDC, how do I reserve my spot for next year?
    Parents of children enrolled in the program are offered Priority Registration in the spring. The annual $30 registration fee and tuition deposit must be paid at that time. Required deposit amounts are $50 for either before OR after school child care and $100 for before AND after school child care. Child care slots are not secure without payment or if there is an outstanding balance due when the program ends in June.

    IMPORTANT:  Parents cannot register with Priority Registration and then withdraw their children from the program with the intention of returning in the fall. By withdrawing, you are forfeiting your space in the program and the registration fee. The service agreement states that payment is due through and including the last day of service.

    How Do I withdraw my child from EDC?
    Written notification is required to withdraw your child from EDC. Daily tuition fees will continue to accrue until written notification is received. Forms are available from the EDC staff.

    What do I do if my schedule changes?
    If you need to permanently change your schedule, you will need to contact the EDC office to find out if space is available for your child. You will then need to complete a new Service Agreement before you can change service. Please note you may not add care if your account is not current.

    What happens during EDC?
    Our out-of-school programs are staffed by trained, nurturing caregivers in order to provide a safe environment for our children. During your child’s time in EDC he/she will have opportunities to engage in small and large muscle activities, social activities, arts and crafts projects, enrichment programs, and academic enhancement activities, including homework time.

    When is EDC open?
    The EDC Program is open whenever school is open for students. The EDC Program will be closed whenever school is not in session.  An EDC calendar is available at the beginning of each school year.

    How early can I drop off my child
    The EDC program opens promptly at 7 AM in the elementary buildings.  We are unable to allow earlier drop-off.  There are no AM programs available in the middle schools.

    What if I can't arrive by closing time?
    The EDC program closes promptly at 6 PM and late fees begin at 6:01 PM.  If you are unable to pick up your child by 6:00 PM, our program may not meet your needs. Children, parents, and staff need to be exiting the building by closing times. 

    Is tuition charged when EDC is closed?
    Tuition is not charged for teacher in-service/waiver days and school-scheduled recesses and holidays. However, tuition is charged if the school is closed due to unforeseen circumstances such as snow, fire, plumbing, or other calamities.

    How do I pay for Extended Day Child Care?
    Click on the Tuition tab for all tuition information.

    My child will be absent, who do I inform?
    It is preferred that you contact our staff during hours of operation to report any absences. Voicemail will be available when the program is not in session. You may also call the school office and leave a message for EDC between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

    Can anyone pick up my child?
    Three emergency contact names and one additional pick-up authorization is required to remain in the program. Authorized people must be at least 18 years old unless approved by the Extended Day Care office, and must be willing to pick-up your child in emergency situations.

    It is important that you inform anyone you authorize to pick up your child to bring along identification when picking up your child from our program. We will not release a child to anyone not having proper identification even if you have authorized them.