About Us

  • Who We Are

    The Parma City Schools' extended day child care programs are tuition-based programs sponsored by the Parma Board of Education. The programs are designed to provide before and after school childcare for children enrolled in kindergarten through seventh grade in the Parma City Schools.  Each of our sites follows the policies and procedures outlined throughout this website.  However, each site may operate differently due to requirements unique to the building in which they are housed.


    The Parma City Schools' extended day child care programs will be staffed by trained, nurturing caregivers before and after school.  It is our goal to provide a safe, enjoyable, enriching environment which supports the emotional well being of every child, whether we are housed in the gym, cafeteria, media center, classroom, etc.

    Our program is not simply a longer school day.  It is different in structure and content, but we offer a well-balanced curriculum that provides many opportunities for play and social development while also encouraging learning, personal discipline, recreational skills, and health and safety skills.

    We have a flexible daily schedule that may vary slightly from building to building.  On a daily basis, children are encouraged to participate in planned whole group and small group activities as well as personal choice activities.  Schedules and activities are planned to achieve a balance of active and quiet experiences and to address individual needs, interests and developmental levels of the children in our care. 

    Within the daily schedule, the programs will offer a variety of activities including creative construction, imaginative play, arts and crafts, reading, puzzles, and table games, active indoor and outdoor play, project work, academic support, and enrichment programs.

    Admission Policy

    The Parma City Schools' extended day child care programs are available only to children enrolled in the Parma City Schools.  When enrolling families into our program, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, disability, or marital status.  Parents must notify the staff if their child has a special need and be willing to provide our staff with information, including any reasonable accommodations that would be necessary.  Children must be able to function in a 1:18 ratio. Please note our staff to child ratio, group size, and transportation plans when considering out-of-school care.  Reasonable accommodations cannot include the hiring of additional staff, as the program is self-supporting and the additional cost would require a significant increase in tuition.  A change in the staff to child ratio and group size would also fundamentally alter the nature of the program.