Auto Collision Technology

  • Auto Collision Technology
    If you enjoy a hands-on setting, you’ll enjoy Auto Collision. In this program, students will begin with the construction of today’s vehicles, tools for body repair, and safety. Students will learn how to disassemble vehicles for parts replacement after a collision, refinishing, and restoring to pre-accident condition.
    Normandy High School
    Junior Year - 3
    Senior Year - 3
    OSHA 10 Hour Card
    ICAR Collision Repair
    Some jobs are available out of high school such as paint and body preparation, delivery and in parts departments
    With continued education, students can be employed as managers, work in customer service, be a shop foreman or work in specialized fields (mechanics, custom glass, upholstering)
    College Credit
    Available college credit awarded upon meeting articulation requirements
    Equipment Used
    Hand tools (specialized auto body and mechanical)
    Power tools (grinders, sanders, drills, and cutters)
    Paint Spray Equipment
    Frame and unibody straightening equipment
    Welding (torches, MIG, plastic)
    Automotive lifts and jacks
    Skills Learned
    Use of hand tools and equipment
    Steel and plastic repair techniques
    Gas and MIG
    Damage repair estimating
    Painting and refinishing
    Student Organization
    Teacher Contact Information
    Alan Bradny
    (440) 885-8680