• Cosmetology The first year in cosmetology covers the basic requirements for licensing which includes sanitation/disinfection, anatomy/physiology, chemistry, hairstyling, hair color, haircutting, facials, skin care, manicures, gel nails, and chemical hair relaxing. The second year focuses on customer service in the clinic and covers additional requirements needed to complete the two-year course of study to be eligible to take the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam.
    Normandy High School
    Junior Year - 4
    Senior Year - 4
    College Credit
    Available college credit awarded upon meeting articulation requirements
    Skills USA
    Invader Style Competition
    Community Service
    Works with senior citizens through various organizations and wigs for kids, students volunteer at the Tim Tebow prom to perform service on attendees, and collaborates and performs services with moderate/severe SPED classrooms
    State Board of Cosmetology - License of Cosmetology
    Teacher Contact Information
    Cassandra Lehky (Senior Class):
    (440) 885-8394
    Laura Rose (Junior Class):
    (440) 885-8394
    Samantha Andexler (Senior Class):
    (440) 885-8394
    Alyssa Patty (Junior Class):
    (440) 885-8394