Managing the Award

  • Whether your grant is a school-level or district-level grant, you may need help in navigating the fiscal management and reporting requirements that your award brings with it.  

    Guidelines and Protocol

    • All grants and awards accepted must be aligned with PCSD’s beliefs/philosophy.

    • PCSD reserves the right to determine if the grant is appropriate and may reject those it deems inappropriate.

    • All grant awards must have approval by the PCSD Board of Education.

    Practical Steps

    • Contact all stakeholders involved and inform them of the grant award and expectations.

    • Align all activities and expenditures with stated goals, objectives and budgets of the grant proposal. Contact the Federal Programs Office if you are uncertain if the expenditure is allowable.

    • Use timelines.  Be prompt with all documentation and reports required by the grantor.

    • Forward copies of all grants and reports to the Federal Programs Office.

    • Keep all documentation at your school site related to the grant on file for up to five years. (Copy in the Grants/Special Programs Office)