Mental Health Services

  • Crisis Prevention Services

    FrontLine 24/7 Crisis Services for Cuyahoga County. If you or someone you know needs help, contact our 24/7 crisis team through chat, phone or text or call 988. 

    988: This simple 3 digit number provides crisis support for suicidal ideation, emotional distress, or a substance abuse or mental health crisis

    Call or Text: 988

    Local Number: (216) 623-6888

    Or Dial: 911

    Mental Health Services

    ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County

    (216) 241-3400

    OhioGuidestone Behavioral Health (Accepts Caresource & Medicaid and private insurance)

    (440) 260-8595

    MetroHealth Teen/Adolescent Health Clinic (Accepts Medicaid, Caresource & private insurance)

    (216) 957-9959

    Beech Brook Behavioral Health 

    (216) 831-2255

    Circle Health Services 

    (216) 721-1115

    Cleveland Clinic Adolescent Psychiatry

    (216) 444-KIDS (5437)

    Mindfully (*Formerly Nancy Lowrie & Associates; accepts Medicaid and private insurance)

    (440) 846-0862 

    Bellafaire JCB Mental Health (accepts Caresource & Medicaid and private insurance)

    (216) 932-2800

    McIntyre Center Substance Abuse 

    (440) 887-1100

    Reach Behavioral Health & Counseling (accepts Caresource/Medicaid and private insurance) 

    (216) 453-1112

    Recovery Resources (accepts Medicaid)

    (216) 431-4131

    PEP Connections 

    (216) 361-9100

    UH Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

    (216) 844-3881

    Grief Support

    If your family has experienced a death, and you are looking for grief counseling or a support group for your student, please contact Cornerstone of Hope. They are located at 5909 Brecksville Rd. Independence, OH 44131

    We sometimes run a grief group during the school year. Please call your Guidance Counselor or the Home Liaison to inquire whether we are currently running a grief support group during school hours. 

    Cornerstone of Hope 

    (216) 524-4673

    Unruly Child

    If you are having serious issues with an unruly child including running away, aggressiveness in the home, or other dangerous or out of control behaviors, please click on the link below for more information on how to file unruly with Juvenile Court 

    Parma’s Intake Office is located at 5361 Pearl Road Parma, OH

    (216) 443-5381