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    Home Access Center is the District's official grade book for both parent and student use.  It allows parents to stay connected to their child's class schedules, grades, assignments, attendance, and teachers. As soon as teachers post items to their grade books, parents can access the information using the HAC portal through the District's website.

    If you had access in a prior school year, login information remains the same. You will be able to log in using the same username and password. If you misplace your username/password, email us at HomeAccessCenter@parmacityschools.org request your information.

    Many of our communication tools are tied to the Home Access Center, so it is crucial that your contact information is kept up-to-date in the registration section of HAC.

Home Access Center Log In

    1. Usernames and passwords from last year may still be used. 
    2. Users can request misplaced usernames and passwords by emailing HomeAccessCenter@ParmaCitySchools.org  
    3. Login information for middle school students will be distributed in their homeroom class – please note that passwords for 5th and 6th grade students have been re-assigned from the simpler elementary password convention to a random, system-generated password.  Student passwords will be listed on rosters provided to teachers to use for setting up student devices.
    4. Login information for guardians and secondary students new to the district will be mailed in the first week of school.
    5. Login information for guardians of Kindergarten students who did not previously have access were mailed this week.

    After the initial mailings, login information for new guardians and new secondary students will be mailed weekly.  Secondary students and guardians receive separate mailers – each has their own login id and password.


eSchoolPLUS Family App

  • Download the new eSchoolPlus Family app that links to Home Access Center and allows you to obtain information right from your mobile phone. The eSchoolPlus Family App is available for iPhone*, iPad*, or iPod touch*, for Android™ devices, and for Kindle™.Download the eSchoolPlus Family App


  • Questions about Grades and Assignments?
    • Contact the student's teacher
    Questions about Attendance, Discipline, Schedule, Contact Information?
    • Contact the school office


    Questions about the Home Access Center website?

Home Access Center Instructions

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